15 Reasons to Date an Accountant

Perchance you don’t supply the president from the math nightclub a good chance in high-school. Now that you’re older and wiser, consider stating yes looking for single man the supper time with your accountant.

Here are 15 reasons why you should date an accountant:

1. Should calculate a tip? Your go out believes numbers are fun.

2. Accounting firms tend to be excellent decision-makers.

3. They’re moral. Accounting firms adhere to rigid bookkeeping expectations. If you want playing by guidelines, an accountant might be your great match.

4. They truly are in addition great at locating loopholes. Accounting firms understand policies so well, they can cause them to work for you.

5. Minds tend to be beautiful.

6. Accountants will always mastering and upgrading their own information base.

7. Accounting firms aren’t afraid of dedication. (They caught with bookkeeping, right?)

8. They have moves like Jagger. Virtually. Mick Jagger was once a student of accountancy. Therefore had been Janet Jackson.

9. They will take the concern from money things. Date an accountant, there’s no need certainly to worry becoming audited.

10. You should have tax-season support.

11. Accountants tend to be both instructors and stress-relievers, assisting others add up of complicated principles and conditions.

12. If “financially responsible” is found on the essential record, search no longer.

13. Got a secret? Accounting firms are dependable, reliable and may handle private details.

14. You’ll receive free monetary advice from somebody you know provides your best interests in mind.

15. Accountants are up for a challenge.

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